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Corbett - Game of Life

Varun Chopra Corbett

Dream Tiger Sighting at Corbett

She was walking on the patch across the river and we were watching her move from the other end and the way she was moving we could make out she was in a mood to hunt. First she bumped into a group of elephants with really small babies and next into a jungle cat.

Later, she disappeared into a thick patch of grass for just a couple of minutes, soon a sambar deer belled out loud and ran towards the upper edge of the grassland. We thought she missed it and started waiting anticipatedly with our cameras pointed towards the next visible river patch. And there she was, shining bright out in the open, carrying a sambar deer fawn in her mouth crossing the wide river patch soon to be disappeared into the thickets again. She had just made a kill and we could hardly believe what we witnessed.

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